Assignments week 1

  • Add the URL of your website to the Canvas Page
  • Create a first post in response to one or more of the Growth Mindset cats, and add the post to category HST259.
  • Include a link to the Cat(s) you refer to. [How to add a link in WordPress]
  • Keep in a safe space your in-class exercise from Wednesday (exploring resources on Korean history, based on a topic of your interest) for future reference
  • Keep in a safe space your notes and thoughts you prepared for Friday’s class, and any new ideas you had. We will use this information in future.
  • Check you have annotated the syllabus with comments, or left a note acknowledging you read and understand it; use the group HST259
  • Leave questions on the Pad, and check if there are any questions you can answer.

When you’re ready, head over to Canvas and fill out the quiz (true/false)

The quiz/survey is not graded, but it will help you to keep on top of the workload, and helps me to keep an overview.

This system works on the honors principle from the Academic Integrity Code (AIC): if you declare “True” (i.e. that you have done these steps) but in fact you haven’t, you are violating the code, as “B4: False information”.

If one of the steps is giving you trouble, please let me know, or if it is a tech issue, go to the Hive in B06 in Trexler Library. Fill out “False” for the time being, and update your answer when you have everything sorted.