Assignments week 3

Please complete before the start of class on Wed. Feb. 5.

  1. Below you see two websites, randomly selected from the students in this course. Go to the website and give feedback on the second week post.
        • If one of the websites shown below is your own, or it is twice the same site, refresh the page, and you should get new sites.
        • Use the add-on in your browser to give feedback to the post in the group HST259. Remember the Architect’s model of giving feedback! Be kind, be specific, and provide concrete suggestions for improvement. Remember you will become better at providing good quality feedback the more you do it. Practice leads to mastery!
        • Website 1:
        • Website 2:
  2. Write your weekly reflection on one of the topics we covered in this week’s sessions.
        • Post on your Bergbuilds website in the category HST259
        • Use “Week 3” in the title (this makes it easier for me to keep track!)
        • Add the references to material(s) you refer to at the bottom of your post in Chicago notes+bibliography style (tip: the ones listed on the course schedule and in resources are in this format; copy and check carefully to avoid gremlins from cropping up).
  3. Check in on the Pad to see if you can help out with any questions, or add your own questions arising from reviewing the course materials.

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