Assignments week 7

Please complete the first 4 items by the start of class on Friday, March 13. Plan ahead for item 5.

  1. Grand catch-up for blog post feedback: Go to the list on Canvas and find three blog posts from the previous weeks that have comments from fewer than two classmates in the group HST259. (Comments from me don’t count: they’re not “peer” review)
          • You can look at posts for week 6, but many earlier posts haven’t had a lot of attention, in particular if they were written after the initial due date. As always: remember the Architect’s model of giving feedback! Be kind, be specific, and provide concrete suggestions for improvement.
  2. Grand clean-up of your blog posts: Use the break to catch up, and to rewrite your posts based on the feedback you have received, and based on new insights you have developed. You can also add additional links and images.
  3. Write your weekly reflection on one of the topics we covered in the sessions of week 7.
        • Post on your Bergbuilds website in the category HST259.
        • Include  Week 7 in the title (you can otherwise personalize the title).
        • Remember that the better reflections will respond to a specific text, object, or idea: provide concrete details and examples
        • Incorporate the feedback you received on earlier work to make this a stronger post than the previous one.
        • Add the references to material(s) you refer to at the bottom of your post in Chicago notes+bibliography style.
  4. Look through the upcoming assignments for the final project. The second half of the semester requires more careful working ahead for your project. Check your schedule against coursework and tests for other courses, and bear in mind that you can’t rush these assignments.
  5. Postponed until sometime next week: Plan to submit the first step for the final project: pitch the basic idea, and give reasons why you are interested in this particular topic.
            • Dig a bit deeper than for instance “the Korean War” (1. it is important, we agree. 2. Which Korean war? There are multiple options.)
            • What in the course so far has guided you to this topic?
            • What in the readings or the textbook, or your personal explorations has sparked your curiosity?
            • Length: 300-500 words
            • Post on your site as a blog post, category HST259
            • Note: you are not yet locked in, but this indicates a general direction
  6. Check the course schedule for week 8 so you know what to prepare for each session.
  7. Check in on the Pad to see if there are questions you can answer, or want to add.

When you’re ready, head on over to Canvas and fill out the Declaration Quiz.