Assignments week 4

Please complete 1, 2 and 3 before the start of class on Wed. Feb. 12.

  1. Below you see two websites, randomly selected from the students in this course. Go to the website and give feedback on the post from week 3.
        • If one of the websites shown below is your own, or it is twice the same site, refresh the page, and you should get new sites.
        • Use the add-on in your browser to give feedback to the post in the group HST259. Remember the Architect’s model of giving feedback! Be kind, be specific, and provide concrete suggestions for improvement. Remember you will become better at providing good quality feedback the more you do it. Practice leads to mastery!
        • Website 1:
        • Website 2:
  2. Write your weekly reflection on one of the topics we covered in this week’s sessions.
        • Post on your Bergbuilds website in the category HST259
        • Use “Week 4” in the title (this makes it easier for me to keep track!)
        • Add the references to material(s) you refer to at the bottom of your post in Chicago notes+bibliography style (tip: the ones listed on the course schedule and in resources are in this format; copy and check carefully to avoid gremlins from cropping up; bear in mind I make mistakes: alert me to incorrect formatting!).
  3. Add your suggested course materials to the google doc, and help me find good materials.
        • Add a brief comment why you think they would be useful, interesting, or why they caught your eye.
        • “bad” materials (unreliable, inaccurate and heavily biased etc.) can also be useful teaching tools to show how not to approach history, so please include them.
  4. We are now four weeks into the semester, and I would like you to take the time to reflect on your learning in this course so far. Write a 500-800 word piece, engaging with at least two of the following sets of questions. Post on your blog by the start of class on Friday.
    1. How have you engaged with the class materials? What would you like to improve in your class preparation? What are you doing well?
    2. How have you treated the weekly reflection? Do you use it to dig deeper, have you gained new insights or perspectives, or have you merely tried to get through it as fast as possible? When you look back on the reflections you have written so far, and compare your work with others’, what do you observe?
    3. What have you learned in this course so far, in contents and/or in historical skills? Do you see patterns emerge? What are some of the threads or overarching topics you are interested in?
    4. What grade would you give yourself for “thoughtful participation in the Learning Commons” so far? What does an “A” grade look like for this component, according to your interpretation of the syllabus description?

    Please note that in question set 4 our opinions may differ, but we will use this as starting point to explore what grades ultimately mean to you, and to me.
    This assignment is not graded, but you should complete it as part of the “Thoughtful participation”. These reflections help me understand how you learn, and how I can best support your learning. I also hope you use this as a moment to think about how you can push the reset button on your engagement with the course, and commit anew to the goals you set yourself for this course.
    You will develop your metacognitive skills (knowing what you know) throughout the semester with a few of these reflections.

When you are ready with steps 1 and 2, head on over to Canvas and fill out the Declaration Quiz.