OPTIONAL Week 14: North and South Korea since 2000

Suffering from burnout? Too many assignments? Feeling like it’s all getting too much without the vibe of being on campus? I get it! This week’s course content is optional: come if you can, leave when you must, and don’t come if you prefer to spend this time on your assignments (including sprucing up your website or rewriting earlier blog posts).

Nevertheless, if you have mental and physical energy left to engage with recent Korean history, please join me this week for a more informal chat on Friday’s Zoom session.


  • Friday April 24: Bite 6: First full draft of the final project, on Pressbooks. (Link to video tutorials for Pressbooks editing, and adding media)
        • You should have received an email from Pressbooks with a username and password, on your Muhlenberg email address. Check your spam folder if you think you didn’t get it.
        • Note: videos were created for a different class/Pressbook, but the process is the same.
  • Saturday April 25 – Wednesday April 29: Provide feedback on your fellow students’ chapters: check the Google Sheet to see who you’ve been assigned, and follow the method suggested in this video on leaving feedback. (Counts towards “Thoughtful Participation”)

PASSWORD ACCESS TO PDFs: Username and password can be found on the Canvas Homepage

Remember you can post questions, queries, musings and ideas on the Pad.

Schedule April 20- April 26:
  • Monday: check you have all the Final Project Bites up to step 5.
  • Tuesday:
    • (anytime before midnight): reflection on course materials from week 13.
          • Include the words “Week 13” in the title of your post
          • Add to your blog in category HST259
    • (anytime before midnight) peer feedback! Below you see two websites, randomly selected from the students in this course. Go to the website and give feedback on the post from week 12.
          • If one of the websites shown below is your own, or it is twice the same site, refresh this page, and you should get new sites.
          • Use the hypothes.is add-on in your browser to give feedback to the post in the group HST259. Remember the Architect’s model of giving feedback! Be kind, be specific, and provide concrete suggestions for improvement.
              • Tip: if you notice that a post is more of a summary than a reflection, you can redirect your classmate to the syllabus description of this assignment, and provide a few tips where they can turn the summary into a real reflection.
    • Website 1:
    • Website 2:
  • Wednesday: Zoom session 11.30am (pink header link on Canvas Homepage): Important editorial meeting for the textbook!
          • Try to be there, especially if you are opinionated about where your chapter should go! (Note: we can do cross-referencing between chapters and sections of chapters)
          • Let’s determine the sequence of the chapters/projects! Look at everybody’s topic on the Google Doc and at the top you can give us information where your project should be inserted.
          • I can walk you through Pressbooks basics.
          • If you can’t join us live, please still add to the Google doc.
  • Friday:
        • 11.30am OPTIONAL Zoom Session (pink header link on Canvas Homepage), if you want to talk more about the course contents for this week. I’ll run it as an informal, free-flowing conversation.
        • (anytime before midnight): Final project bite 6: First full draft of the final project, on Pressbooks. (Link to video tutorials for Pressbooks editing, and adding media)
  • Saturday onwards: You can start peer-reviewing the chapters you were assigned. Check the Google Sheet to see whose chapters you’re looking at, and leave feedback (see video) using the text box.
  • Next week (=week 15, April 27-April 30)
          • By Wednesday April 29: Feedback on the chapters (check the video how we do this, check the Google sheet to see whose chapter you’re providing feedback for)
          • Thursday April 30: Second draft of final project
          • May 4: Portfolio with all assignments closes at 11.59pm; Includes one final reflection (part of “Thoughtful Participation“), see details in week 15.
Readings/course materials

Of course, you can bring any and all topics and issues about Korean history in the past 20 years, and we will make space for those.